2015 Winners and Finalists

Overall winner

Hyacinthe Boowurosigue Sanou, Burkina Faso

Category: Actualités générales

Nuit du 29 octobre à Azalaï : Nous étions à la chambre 143
L'Observateur Paalga, Burkina Faso

Story Summary: “Room 143” is a story about Burkina Faso’s parliamentary protest which led to Blaise Compaore leaving his seat and the country. This feature takes you back to the night before when members of parliament attempted to win sufficient support to extend Campaore’s term. It was not to be and this story explains why not. The reporter took a room (143) in the hotel where the action went down.

Hyacinthe Boowurosigue Sanou bio: Hyacinthe Boowurosigué Sanou’s first role was in radio production for Radio Campus. He switched to print journalism is currently working as the Burkina and Niger correspondent for the Swiss newspaper Mond’Info. He also contributes as a member of the editorial board of L’Observateur Paalga, the most widely read newspaper in Burkina Faso, where he has responsibility as the Head of the desk for PIP (Personal Initiative Papers).

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Category Winners

Femi Joshua Asu, Nigeria

Category: Ecobank Economics & Business Award

Small businesses in death throes as power supply worsens
The PUNCH, Nigeria

Story Summary: Small business owners in Nigeria rely on a secure infrastructure for power supplies – it is absolutely vital when launching new initiatives, and keep them running. Femi Joshua Asu reports on the issues facing many entrepreneurs and exposes a huge problem for those who are struggling to grow their businesses. Enormous expenses associated with electricity coupled with the worsening power supply from the national grid, eats into profits. Many young Nigerians, whose projects could create jobs for others, and whose success is a vital to growing the emerging economy are crippled by the prohibitive costs, and simply going out of business.

Femi Joshua Asu bio: Originally an accountant by training, Femi Asu currently works as a journalist for The Punch Newspapers in Lagos. He started out his writing career when he was appointed the role of Campus Life correspondent for The Nation Newspapers in 2009; in the same year and in 2010, he was nominated for Best Opinion Writer (Coca Cola/NBC Campus Life Awards). He joined business consultancy, Toki Mabogunje & Co, in 2011 and worked for a year as an administrative executive/junior consultant. He joined BusinessDay Media as a reporter in November 2012 and worked there for two years prior to taking on his current role of business correspondent for Punch. Femi has continued to hone his professional skills, attending writing courses and training in the latest digital and social media developments. He was at the Press Association, London, for the Advanced Financial Journalism Course from May 26 to 28, 2015 and the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, for the Advanced Writing and Reporting Skills course from March to June, 2015.

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Thomas Naadi Bitlegma, Ghana

Category: The African Development Bank Environment Award

The Toxic Trade
Viasat1 television, Ghana

Story Summary: Thomas’ television documentary investigates the harmful effects of electronic waste on human health and on the environment. This is an emerging problem across the globe, but in developing countries like Ghana this is exacerbated by the fact that it has become the dumping ground for waste from developed countries that have stricter environmental regulations. According to recent studies, extracting valuable metal from defunct gadgets causes toxic fumes. The frightening reality is that many unprotected children are involved in this toxic trade in Ghana and are being exposed to enormous health risks.

Thomas Naadi Bitlegma bio: Ghanaian reporter, producer and editor, Thomas Naadi Bitlegma, has developed his passion for journalism over the past decade. He started out as a print journalist with Heritage Newspapers and from there moved into broadcast journalism as part of the news team with Radio Ghana. In recent years he has worked as a television news editor for Ghana Television, a news producer and reporter for ETV Ghana, and is currently the Presenter/ Producer of a news documentary programme titled ‘On The Frontline’. He is also the News Producer/Associate producer for the Morning Show on Viasat1 TV. Over the years his work has earned him numerous awards including Winner of the Agribusiness/Environment category of the Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards 2013.

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Ibrahima Diallo, Senegal

Category: Actualités générales

L'action antimines en Casamance : un pas vers la relance des activités...
Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise (RTS), Senegal

Story Summary: “Antimine Action in Casamance” is a piece on the rebirth of a village after it was cleared of land mines. The armed conflict in Casamance, in southern Senegal, left behind a scourge of land mines that had surrounded the village in the report for 15 years. With the clearing of the land mines, the children of the village could go to back to school and play, the farmers could harvest the anacard, the buyers of cachou can enter the village and the community can enjoy life again.

Ibrahima Diallo bio: Senegalese journalist Ibrahima Diallo’s career began as an intern with Senegalese National TV, a radio reporter for Walfadjri FM and Thies FM, he’s been a presenter with the TV channel Africable in Mali as well as freelancing for the audiovisual project with the Water and Forestry Department. His documentaries and reports have covered environmental issues, and he also held a communication role during the Senegalese presidential election in 2007. He rejoined Senegalese National TV in 2009 and presents the magazine programme. His awards include Best TV report 2010 and 2013, the Prize for Best African Journalist of the African Union and NEPAD – CCADP Awards 2014.

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Adewale Olugbenga Emosu, Nigeria

Category: Culture Award

Bahia: Even in Brazil, African heritage lives on
www.tribune.com.ng, Nigeria

Story Summary: At a time when many young Africans are distancing themselves from their history and heritage, Adewale Emosu, finds the continent’s culture being celebrated in a corner of South America. Whilst on assignment for the Brazil World Cup he visited Salvador, the capital of Bahia State. Here he experienced first-hand a thriving ‘imported’ culture, which arrived with African slaves hundreds of years ago, and is still going strong. His lively and engaging feature introduces the reader to those who are proud of their heritage, and are keeping the traditional food, religion and language of their forebears alive. He reveals the essence of Africa among the Afro-Brazilian diaspora.

Adewale Olugbenga Emosu bio: Initially having trained as a teacher, Adewale, joined African Newspapers of Nigeria in 1999 as a reporter. He is currently enjoying his sixteenth year at the newspaper group, which publishes the daily and weekend Tribune titles. He has worked his way up through the ranks, moving from senior reporter to chief reporter. In recent years he has occupied assistant and deputy editorial positions, and is currently the senior deputy editor at www.tribuneonlineng.com.

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Carla Margarida Goncalves, Cape Verde

Category: Notícias Gerais

Memorial Amílcar Cabral vandalizado e tomado pelo lixo
A NAÇÃO, Cape Verde

Story Summary: This story highlighted the degradation and vandalism of the Amílcar Cabral memorial. This statue had become a symbol of struggle and liberation of the country and it was in a deplorable state; vandalised and covered in rubbish as well the walls being daubed with graffiti. No action was being taken by authorities or the community to improve the state of this important monument.

Carla Margarida Goncalves bio: Cape Verdean journalist Carla Maria gained her initial work experience with Rádio de Cabo Verde as a summer reporter. Following an internship with Journal Expresso das ilhas, she was taken on by Journal A NAÇÃO/Grupo Alfa Comunicações, as an intern. They offered her role as a journalist with the publication, and this is her current position.

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Ibanga Wilson Isine, Nigeria

Category: News Impact Award

INVESTIGATION: Massacre in Gboko: Soldiers at Dangote’s factory kill 7; company, govt. abandon victims’ families
Premium Times Newspaper, Nigeria

Story Summary: He was blocked by the authorities and the military, and faced a wall of silence from the Ghoko community, but Ibanga was determined to find out why seven young people died while protesting about a young man being shot outside of a cement factory. His dogged determination led to months of investigation. Interviews with the injured, families of those killed, military, police, local communities, witnesses, human rights group and Benue State officials, amongst others, finally exposed the truth. His report triggered compensation payment to the families and further investigations to bring those responsible to justice.

Ibanga Wilson Isine bio: With extensive experience in both print and broadcast media, Ibanga Wilson Isine, has a keen instinct for investigations and special reports. He has worked for Nigerian Television Authority, Channel 12, Uyo, and Punch newspaper, moving from correspondent to chief correspondent and bureau chief. He took on a government role as special assistant to the Hon. Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development but returned to investigative journalism with Leadership Newspapers, and a new weekly paper ‘Government’. He moved to GuardPost as editor in 2013 and is currently Regional Editor, South at Premium Times. In 2014 he was honoured at the Wole Soyinka Award for Investigative Journalism.

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Paul Kelemba, Kenya

Category: GE Energy & Infrastructure Award

Sorting Out Nairobi Transport
The Standard on Saturday, www.standardmedia.co.ke, Kenya

Story Summary: In this Madd Madd World full page special, Kalemba offers his solution to the knotty problem of how best to sort out Nairobi’s transport problems. His suggestions are made using his colourful trademark – a combination of lively animation and graphics - all accompanied with witty and satirical captions and comments. But don’t be fooled by the playful nature of his cartoon imagery, his irreverent style and undeniable humour allows him to make some serious comments about mismanagement and what’s really behind some of these expensive schemes. Nobody is exempt as he raises some interesting questions about the hidden obstacles, and self-interest, which accompanies many of the plans to transform and revolutionize the hectic streets of Nairobi.

Paul Kelemba bio: Known as ‘Madd’ or ‘Maddo’, Kenyan cartoonist and illustrator Paul Kelemba is a weekly contributor to The Standard Newspaper with his regular column ‘It’s a Madd Madd World’. The column, which takes a wry look at hot political and social topics, has run since 1989, and what began as a black and white strip in Daily Nation is now full page in full colour. In addition to this, ‘Maddo’ also runs a media company in Nairobi and over the years he has received several awards for his work.

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Julie Gaye Laurenz, South Africa
Jacqui Mary Jayamaha

Category: Features Award

Viola's Hope
etv, South Africa

Story Summary: Julie and Jacqueline’s moving film follows a couple, Julie and Vivian, living on the streets of Durban with their 18 month-old daughter, Viola. Both, themselves the children of addicts, were addicted to low grade heroin, known as ‘whoonga’. While they begged, Viola (then one) was left to fend for herself. The couple agreed a series of meetings instigated by the production team and professional help was sought. This compelling report documents Julie and Vivian’s journey through rehab. Avoiding sensationalism, and trying to understand the real human tragedy at the centre of this illness was paramount when making the report. It reveals a very personal story, but also highlights the shocking increase in drug addiction in South Africa, especially among poorer communities.

Julie Gaye Laurenz bio: In 1993 Julie started up her first broadcast production company and over the last couple of decades she has produced a number of award-winning investigative and human interest stories. Working as an independent producer for all South African broadcasters, producing both long and short form television formats, Julie also scripts and directs her programmes and is a skilled camerawoman. In addition to domestic television companies, Julie has also worked for international broadcasters and she’s travelled across Africa, UK, USA, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam. She’s no stranger to the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards as she won the General TV News category in 2005.

Jacqui Jayamaha bio: Jacqueline studied drama at the University of Kwazulu Natal and went on to present, direct and produce a number of eco-travel, cultural and wild life series featuring destinations globally. These were flighted in South Africa, DSTV Satellite Channels throughout sub Saharan Africa, Discovery Channel and Sky Travel. Jacqueline currently produces documentaries for the eNCA and eTV channels and won the 2014 Discovery TV Journalist of the Year Award. She thrives in the search for tales that deserve to be told, and believes it a great privilege to bring these to the viewers who need to know.

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Sikolia Enock Mukhola, Kenya
Charles Kariuki

Category: MSD Health & Medical Award

Osteoporosis in Turkana - Wild West Series
NTV Kenya, Kenya

Story Summary: For this NTV Kenya report, Enock and Charles travelled to Lake Turkana to find out what can be done to combat the rising cases of paralysis among numbers of people, who live in the nearby communities. They are suffering from crippling conditions caused by crumbling, porous and brittle bones. The lake is the chief source of income for many of the families living in the surrounding villages but the high amounts of fluorine in the salt water lake is causing fluorosis and osteoporosis. De-fluorination is the simple solution, and could prevent more people from contracting this debilitating condition.

Sikolia Enock Mukhola bio: Enock Sikolia started out his career in broadcast journalism as the Swahili radio news anchor and reporter for Koch FM in 2008 where he reported to the head of news. He moved from radio to TV in December 2012 when he joined NTV as their Political Affairs reporter.

Charles Kariuki bio: With extensive broadcast media experience spanning the last decade, Charles's documentaries, media stories and features have been shown on a variety of TV channels in Kenya and South Africa. He works as a cameraman and editor and his overall mission is to challenge the perspective of those who view his work. His stories continue to win accolades and he has been a winner of the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards on two previous occasions in 2010 and 2012. He has been a winner of the KEMEP awards three times and was also awarded the Best Gender Reporting prize at the Media Council Awards in Kenya in 2014.

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Zacharie Flash Ndiomo, Cameroon

Category: Press Freedom Award

Press Freedom Award Winner 2015
none, Kenya

Pedro Paxi Pereira Ndoma, Angola

Category: Notícias Gerais

Erupçao Vulcanica na Ilha do Fogo
erupçao vulcanica ilha de fogo, You tube, Angola

Story Summary: Pedro’s TV piece reports on the destruction to property by the volcanic eruption in the Island of Fogo, Cape Verde in 2014. 1,500 people were displaced because of the natural disaster and we see interviews with some of those affected. With livelihoods and family homes destroyed, the residents of the town affected are helped by the African Union and Angola as well as other African states.

Pedro Paxi Pereira Ndoma bio: Pedro Pereira Paxi Ndoma was born in Luanda. He has a Degree in Leadership by the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy and vocational training in Social Communication. Currently working as a news reporter for TV Zimbo and is the writer, presenter and reporter of the social responsibility program Odebrecht Angola on the station. Previously Pedro has presented radio programmes on Radio LAC (Luanda Antena Comercial).

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Arukaino Thomas Umukoro, Nigeria

Category: Sport Reporting Award

Monuments of waste: Nigeria’s white elephant stadiums
PUNCH Newspaper, Nigeria

Story Summary: Nigeria and its footballers are celebrated at home and across the world. With its ability to unite fans across tribal and religious differences, and its positive impact on the country’s revenue, it’s no wonder that football is held in such high esteem. Yet Arukaino Umukoro reveals a darker side to the sport in his in depth article exploring Nigeria’s ‘white elephant stadiums’. His research shows that despite huge amounts of taxpayers’ money being siphoned into expensive stadiums, few are used for regular sporting events and many have been left neglected and abandoned.

Arukaino Thomas Umukoro bio: Arukaino Umukoro started out as a reporter with the National Standard news magazine in 2007. In the same year, he earned himself the National Standard’s ‘Writer of the Year’ award. He also gained valuable experience covering local and international stories for TELL magazine. In recent years he has been senior correspondent at Punch newspaper in Lagos, where his assignments have covered an array of issues including agriculture, economics, education, environment, health, and sports reporting. His awards include: Bashorun MKO Abiola Prize for Sports Reporter of the Year, Nigeria Media Merit Award (NMMA-2013) and the 2012 Diamond Award for Media Excellence Prize for Best Development Reporting.

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Herman Verwey, South Africa

Category: Mohamed Amin Photographic Award

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial
Beeld , South Africa

Story Summary: Following the breaking news on 14th February 2013 that Reeva Steenkamp had been shot dead in Paralympian, Oscar Pistorius’, apartment the world’s media went into overdrive. Profiles, opinion pieces, statements from family and friends followed, not to mention the attention of the international press when the case reached court – his murder trial is said to be the biggest and most covered case in history. Photographer Herman Verwey, however, brings us his interpretation of the story with no words needed. His iconic series of black and white photographs start with the last day of sentencing and finish with a shot of the athlete winning an Olympic medal in London 2012.

Herman Verwey bio: Herman discovered his passion for photography while studying at Film School, and once he’d completed his course enrolled at the National College of Photography in Pretoria. He started his professional career as a freelancer with Beeld, and when he was sent on assignment to cover the Johan Nel case in 2008, the image he captured went on to become Beeld News Image of the Year. Herman is based in Johannesburg at Media 24 Group with the majority of his work being carried out for Beeld and Rapport.

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Sarah Emily Wild, South Africa

Category: Dow Technology & Innovation Reporting Award

Robot to test health of ocean 'lungs'
Mail & Guardian, South Africa

Story Summary: With the Southern Ocean absorbing almost half of the world’s anthropogenic carbon emissions, it is no surprise that scientists refer to it as the ‘lungs’ of the world’s oceans. In this in-depth article, Sarah Wild, describes how a team of South African scientists are taking on the challenge of exploring and measuring pollution in these inclement and storm-ridden seas. They are deploying modified ocean robots from Cape Town, in the hopes that they can discover more about the role this ocean plays in climate change. The robots, designed to travel autonomously to the Southern Ocean, could be key in helping scientists understand what kind of climate effects are in store for Africa, and the rest of the world.

Sarah Emily Wild bio: Author and journalist, Sarah Wild specialises in science. Her book, Searching for African Skies: The Square Kilometre Array and South Africa’s Quest to Hear the Song of the Stars was published in August 2012 and her second book, Innovation: Shaping South Africa Through Science, was published in September 2015. She has freelanced for various publications including The Financial Mail and The Sunday Times. She combines her role as Science Editor at Mail & Guardian with regular public speaking and science-writing training. She is also the chairperson of the South African National Editors' Forum education and training committee. Sarah’s numerous awards include Siemens Pan-African Profile Science Journalism Awards: Category overall winner 2013.

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Highly Commended

Fiifi Essilfie Anaman, Ghana

Category: Sport Reporting Award

Ghana's neglected football stars
Zonalsports.com, Ghana

Fiifi Essilfie Anaman bio: Sports Writer Fiifi Essilfie Anaman specializes in telling Ghanaian football stories and has featured as an analyst across domestic and external radio and television. Until recently, he was a writer for Allsports.com.gh, widely heralded as Ghana's biggest sports website. His freelance work has seen him contribute to Goal.com, The Telegraph, ESPN, Backpage Football as well as FIFA and Infostrada. His 2013 feature 'From Bawku to Buenos Aires' - a profile of Bayan Mahmud, a young Ghanaian stowaway turned football star in Argentina - was syndicated across most of Goal.com's international editions, being translated into four languages. Fiifi has interviewed former Ghana President John Agyekum Kufuor and three-time Afcon winning Ghana coach Charles Kumi Gyamfi.

Benedicta Asiimwe, Uganda

Category: GE Energy & Infrastructure Award

Why Ugandans continue to suffer despite heavy investment in roads
Daily Monitor , Uganda

Benedicta Asiimwe bio: In her six years experience as a journalist, Benedicta has covered a range of stories. She worked initially as a parliamentary reporter with Sunrise newspaper, and continued as a political writer in her new role with Independent magazine. Since joining The EastAfrican Newspaper in 2011, Benedicta has written about economics, development, agriculture, infrastructure, healthcare and other social issues. Her work has earned her several award nominations and she has the East African Community Awards for covering education.

Domingos Bento, Angola

Category: Notícias Gerais

Viver com o VIH/SIDA: e agora, será o fim?
www.redeangola.info, Angola

Domingos Bento bio: With his background in radio and print journalism and communications, Domingos is a young journalist who gained valuable experience when he took his first job at Radio Despertar. Since then he has worked as a press advisor at Refriango in Angola, as well as a communications advisor for Sociedade Valores. His has worked for Radio Mais, A Capital in Luanda and since 2009 he has been a reporter for the weekly publication Novo Jornal. He was a finalist in the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards in 2013.

Sheriff Bojang Jnr, The Gambia

Category: MSD Health & Medical Award

Sierra Leone Ebola Diary
West Africa Democracy Radio, Senegal

Sheriff Bojang Jnr bio: During his ten years as a journalist, Sheriff has worked as a print, radio and television journalist. He is an international consultant with the UN Women West Africa Office and a communications volunteer for the UNFPA communications department. His current role is senior producer with West Africa Democracy Radio and he also contributes to the Chinese Press Agency, New African Magazine (London), Radio France International English Service and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. In 2011 he won first prize in the Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Awards and in 2012 he was a finalist in the FitzGerald Prize for Young African Journalists.

Ruth Chinhema Butaumocho, Zimbabwe

Category: Dow Technology & Innovation Reporting Award

ICT brings hope to rural women
The Herald. www.herald.co.zw, Zimbabwe

Ruth Chinhema Butaumocho bio: In addition to being the gender editor on The Herald newspaper, Ruth also writes for Africawoman magazine. She was selected by the British Council to write for the monthly website magazine which is written and edited by African women journalists. She sits on the National Committee of the UNESCO initiated Intangible Cultural Heritage, as a media expert.

Chahinaz Samir Gheith, Egypt

Category: Actualités générales

Athée : « non, ce n’est pas une injure »
Al-Ahram Hebdo, Egypt

Chahinaz Samir Gheith bio: Chahinaz started out her working life as a French language teacher in Port Said. However, she turned her had to journalism in 1994 and has covered a diverse range of subjects with her articles and features. She writes about society, health, women, education and children for the daily and lifestyle sections of the weekly Egyptian paper Al-Ahram Hebdo. Her writing has earned her commendations and prizes including the Best Paper Award for Excellence in Journalism 2007, which she received or her article ‘Les diktats de Hawara’.

Boldwill Hungwe, Zimbabwe

Category: Mohamed Amin Photographic Award

Despair after Tokwe-Mukorsi floods
www.theindependent.co.zw, Zimbabwe

Boldwill Hungwe bio: Boldwill Hungwe is a photojournalist from Zimbabwe who began his career as a freelance reporter before deciding to specialise in photojournalism. His strong belief in the power of photography has earned several awards including first prize in the Gwanza Press Awards and he also picked up the award for Zimbabwe Union of Journalists’ Photojournalist of the Year. He currently works for The News Day, The Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard.

Deo Gratias Tchédé Kindoho, Benin

Category: Actualités générales

Le marché béninois à l'épreuve des produits impropres à la consommation
Radio Bénin, Benin

Deo Gratias Tchédé Kindoho bio: Broadcast journalist Deo Gratias Tchédé Kindoho specialises in radio and his past studies have focussed on Culture and Media. Much of his experience in radio has been with the Office of Broadcasting and Television of Benin. After attending journalism and entertainment courses with the organisation in 2003 and 2004 he was taken on as a journalist in 2004, and he has spent the last decade honing his skills in this field.

Petride Babirye Mudoola, Uganda

Category: Features Award

I am the hangman of Luzira Prisons
The New Vision Printing and Publication, Uganda

Petride Babirye Mudoola bio: In her five years as a journalist, Petride has worked in broadcast and print media. She joined Vision Voice Radio (which rebranded as XFM) in 2010 and her responsibilities included filing daily reports for the news hour morning programme and the evening bulletin. Since Vision Group operates a multimedia organization, she went on to join the New Vision newspaper where she has been a feature and news writer contributing stories for the daily paper and the Sunday Vision too. Her award-winning work won the print category in the Nile Breweries Exceptional Journalism award in 2013 and recently earned her a nomination at the African Media Excellency Awards in the features category.

Abubakari Akida Mussa, Tanzania

Category: Mohamed Amin Photographic Award

Floods in Mwanza

Abubakari Akida Mussa bio: Young Tanzanian photojournalist, Abubakari Akida Mussa, has a strong background in Communications field. He studied for a BA in Mass Communications at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania, covered subjects; Broadcasting, Photojournalism, Public Relations as well as Web Design and Graphics. Prior to his current job as a correspondent for the New Habari (2006) ltd. He is also a Best Print Journalist for the Year 2014 in Tanzania on Photographer Category. In his current position as photojournalist and writer he generates stories for the newspapers Mtanzania, Rai, The African, Bingwa and Dimba and also works as Communication Officer at Ministry of Home Affairs, United Republic of Tanzania.

George Oduor Otieno, Kenya

Category: News Impact Award

Prostate Cancer

George Oduor Otieno bio: George is an award-winning broadcast journalist who is currently working with Baraka FM as a news anchor and reporter which he joined in 2010. He has a passion for feature and online writing. George has won numerous awards in the media industry latest being voted news anchor of the year at the Coast Music Awards 2014.

Arison Tamfu, Cameroon

Category: The African Development Bank Environment Award

Cameroon`s Forests At The Mercy Of Charcoal Makers

Arison Tamfu bio: As a freelance journalist, Arison Tamfu combines his role as editor for the Cameroon Journal with his position as African Correspondent for Malaysia MSME News Network where he covers business, political news and features from across the continent. He also works for international media outlets including Free Speech Radio Network (US), the Diplomatic Observer (Turkey) and Spore magazine (Netherlands). Prior to his current role he worked with Equinoxe TV and Radio as editor-in-chief. He has covered major international events and he recently won Overall Winner (Print Category) in the African Climate Change and Environmental Reporting Awards in Kenya.

Kola Tubosun, Nigeria

Category: Culture Award

Abeokuta's Living History
KTravula.com, Nigeria

Kola Tubosun bio: Linguist, writer, translator, language teacher, and blogger, Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún (born Kọ́láwọlé Ọlátúbọ̀sún) juggles a number of roles and projects including being the head lexicographer at YorubaName.com - a project to document Yorùbá and other African names online in a multimedia dictionary format. As well as being an English language teacher at Whitesands School in Lagos, Nigeria, he is the current editor of Ake Review - a literary magazine, and until recently the editor of NTLitMag, also a litmag, on the Nigerianstalk.org website. His writing as a travel blogger at KTravula.com was nominated, in 2010, for 11 categories at the Nigerian Blog Awards, including ‘Best Travel Blog’. He has worked as a Fulbright language teacher of Yorùbá at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (USA) and an adult English teacher/volunteer at the International Institute of St. Louis (Missouri). Over the years his work has appeared in numerous literary publications in Nigeria all over the world. His short story, ‘Behind The Door’ was published in African Roar 2010, edited by Ivor Hartman and Emmanuel Sigauke.

Kiundu Waweru, Kenya

Category: Ecobank Economics & Business Award

The black gold of barren Turkana, where stirrings of life offer comfort
The Standard Group, Kenya

Kiundu Waweru bio: Kiundu swapped the hotel industry for journalism in 2008 and has never looked back. He joined Standard Newspapers in 2008 as a correspondent features writer and was involved in filing a variety of stories including general public interest, as well as investigative reports and entertainment and lifestyle features. He is currently the features staff writer at The Standard on Saturday and over the years his work has won him numerous awards and has been published by Drum magazine, True Love, Saturday Magazine (Saturday Nation), Parents Magazine and The Expatriate Magazine (South Africa). He was also commissioned by the local Adoption Agency to write a book about Adoption.

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