2016 Winners and Finalists

Overall winner

Asha Ahmed Mwilu, Kenya
Rashid Iddi

Category: News Impact Award

Terror Crossing
Kenya Television Network, Kenya

Story Summary: Terror Crossing is an in-depth investigative documentary about the security intrigues at the Kenya-Somali border in Mandera county. It's a high impact story told in the wake of Kenya's plans to build a wall at her border with Somalia. The story was aired by Kenya Television Network in its investigative programme "The Lead".

Asha Ahmed Mwilu bio: Kenyan journalist Asha Ahmed Mwilu is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, being the recipient of the 2015-2016 Chevening Scholarship. She previously held the position of Senior Reporter for Politics and Special Projects at Kenya Television Network (KTN), covering current affairs, security and political stories across Kenya and Africa including Terror Attacks by Al-Shabaab in Northern Kenya, The South Sudan Civil unrest, The Death of African Icon Nelson Mandela, The Westgate Siege in Kenya, Kenya’s 2013 General Election.

Rashid Iddi bio: Rashid Idi is a 1999 alumnus of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) studying Film and Video production. He has worked in various media houses, with experience spanning 13 years in the industry and is currently a Senior Camera Man for Kenya Television Network (KTN). He has extensive experience in features, documentaries, investigative stories and commercials production, travelling widely for his work.

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Category Winners

Bob Rugurika , Burundi

Category: Press Freedom Award

Radio publique africaine, Burundi

Bob Rugurika bio: Burundian journalist Bob Rugurika was jailed in January 2015 and held in isolation for a series of investigative reports. No trial followed his short detention. Upon his release, Rugurika received a hero’s welcome in the streets of Bujumbura. He fled his country soon after his release. Rugurika’s independent radio station, Radio publique africaine, is one of the most popular in Burundi.

Bidossèssi Appolinaire Agoïnon, Benin

Category: Actualités générales

Dogesi mi
Office de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin, Benin

Story Summary: "Dogesi mi" is a documentary that explores the influence of names on their bearers. It analyses this within the “fon” culture of Benin, formerly Dahomey. Bidossèssi Appolinaire Agoïnon approaches this topic with diligence as he investigates the importance which lies in the selection of the right names for a child. Names are chosen in accordance with many factors and people have many names, often a different one in the different languages that they speak. Names are also susceptible to change and can be replaced with new names when a person reaches adulthood or marked by a particularly strong life chapter.

Bidossèssi Appolinaire Agoïnon bio: Bidossèssi Appolinaire Agoïnon is administrator and director at Office de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin (ORTB). The head of the Arts and Culture Division since February 2013, he has directed many documentaries (“Le Destin Hubert MAGA”, "GUERA, le guerrier", "les homonymes ZENLI"); and is the executive producer of the TV program named "A capella". He got training certificates from the National Audiovisual Institute of Paris (INA), Canal France International - Media Cooperation and a Master in Communication and Public Relations. Agoïnon has been the recipient of press prizes in Benin, such as the Best Journalist/Director – TV 2014 given out by the Union des Professionnels des Médias du Bénin.

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Yemisi Akinbobola, Nigeria
Ogechi Ekeanyawu and Paul Bradshaw

Category: Sport Reporting Award

Follow the Money: Who extracts the value of Nigerian footballers?
Premium Times Nigeria, Nigeria

Story Summary: This story investigates the trafficking of young football aspirants, out of Nigeria by rogue football agents who defraud the families of these boys of thousands of dollars. It is estimated that some 15,000 young boys - some as young as 12 - are trafficked out of West Africa to Europe each year. The narrative follows the 12 month ordeal of Ebuka and Joel who were trafficked from Nigeria to Cameroon and abandoned by an agent who promised them, and several others, trials with major clubs.

Yemisi Akinbobola bio: Yemisi Akinbobola is a Nigerian journalist, entrepreneur and academic. The holder of a PhD (Media) Birmingham City University, her academic research interest is in practice-based and led research in journalism and new media. Dr Akinbobola is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of IQ4News, which was first started as a media blog. Her duties, among others, include writing, sourcing & editing content, media monitoring and newsgathering. She has also been a freelance journalist for the United Nations Africa Renewal since September 2011.

Ogechi Ekeanyawu and Paul Bradshaw bio: Ogechi Ekeanyanwu is an experienced field journalist and has worked as a sub-editor/Senior Reporter for media companies such as Premium Times, where she wrote in-depth feature articles, news stories and analyses. The holder of a Master of Science in Media and Communications (2010) from the Pan - African University, Lagos, she has most recently worked as a Gender Consultant, analysing media output for gender sensitive reporting. -- Paul Bradshaw runs the MA in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University. He publishes the Online Journalism Blog, and is the founder of investigative journalism website HelpMeInvestigate.com. He has written for the Guardian and Telegraph’s data blogs, journalism.co.uk, Press Gazette, InPublishing, Nieman Reports and the Poynter Institute in the US. Formerly Visiting Professor at City University’s School of Journalism in London, he is the co-author of the Online Journalism Handbook with former Financial Times web editor Liisa Rohumaa, and of Magazine Editing (3rd Edition) with John Morrish. Other books which Bradshaw has contributed to include Investigative Journalism (second edition), Web Journalism: A New Form of Citizenship; and Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives.

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Fidelto Emidio Bata, Mozambique

Category: Notícias Gerais

Bibliotecas esquecidas
STV, Mozambique

Story Summary: This report analyses the ‘forgotten libraries’ that are the elderly citizens of Mozambique. They often live alone or are abandoned in old people’s homes by relatives who no longer wish to see or care for them. The cases examined in this report show a haunting image of the elderly who instead of being loved and respected are seen scavenging for food or living in sad and lonely conditions. It draws attention to the serious reforms that need to happen in Mozambique regarding social protection for the elderly people.

Fidelto Emidio Bata bio: Fidelto Bata graduated in 2015 with a degree in Journalism, at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Escola de Comunicação e Artes in Mozambique. He has training in television journalism – Media LabTV. Bata has also worked in various areas such as a reporter for ECOTV and as a journalist for the Grupo Soico. For a period of eight months he has also been a main collaborator and radio announcer on the university radio station. He has additionally completed a course by the Mozambique Radio on writing and expression for radio.

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Jay Correia Caboz, South Africa

Category: GE Energy & Infrastructure Award

40 Years of Mozambique - The Dead Port that Rose Again
Forbes Africa Magazine, South Africa

Story Summary: Mozambique has suffered four decades of civil war and unrest, emerging to become a hotspot for investment in Africa. For its 40th anniversary, Jay Caboz went to Maputo to look into the economy on the ground and to report the human interest story of those who lived through it. The Port of Maputo serves as both a physical and symbolic representation of the change in recent years and was at the heart of the economy. It had been a port that was dead on its feet a decade before and now staging a comeback, after opening its gates to semi-private money.

Jay Correia Caboz bio: Jay Caboz currently works for the Forbes Africa Magazine as a photographer and journalist, working on a range of stories. He is the holder of a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Witwatersrand, graduating in 2012. The recipient of the 2015 Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards, 2015 Young Journalist of the Year Award and the 2013 Wits Journalism Photojournalist of the Year Award, he has additionally worked as a photojournalist for publications such as Flow Communications and Market Photo Workshop.

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Faten Hayed, Algeria

Category: Actualités générales

L’Algérie, ma terre de djihad
El Watan, Algeria

Story Summary: This story looks at recent converts to Islam, living in Algeria, who are radicalised and becoming involved in extremism. They are often people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds who look to religion for meaning or to make themselves heard. Through interviews, Faten discovers how people are rejecting Western culture and becoming part of the hundreds that choose to move to Northern Africa and are radicalised. For them, Algeria is their land of jihad.

Faten Hayed bio: Faten Hayed has worked actively as a journalist since 2006, mainly for daily, weekly and monthly newspapers. Based at the El Watan Week-end in Algiers since 2009, she has worked as a journalist and reporter, specialising in northern and sub-Saharan African politics, leading research and reports on topics such as migration, terrorism, religion and violence against women. Hayed was selected from among 1,000 candidates to participate in the prestigious "Femmes d'avenir en méditerranée" (FAM) 2016 programme at Sciences Po Paris, receiving a certified diploma upon its completion.

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Veronica Narkwor Kwabla, Ghana

Category: Health & Medical Award

Freetown Ebola Orphans
Tv3 Network Limited, Ghana

Story Summary: Post-Ebola, Sierra Leone has another problem on its hands, Ebola orphans. Relatives are afraid to take Ebola orphans into their care, because of the perception that they are contagious. This report shines a light on some of the ostracised children who are seeking new families. This is one of a series of reports, filed from Liberia and Sierra Leone on the devastating effect of the Ebola virus on the two countries. The question examined is how the two countries will recover from the crisis that crippled health care systems, families and businesses.

Veronica Narkwor Kwabla bio: Veronica Narkwor Kwabla is a Ghanaian journalist who is currently a Senior Journalist at Africanews. She has held this position since October 2015 having previously been an anchor, reporter and producer at Tv3 Network Limited (August 2011- September 2015). Her duties, among others, include writing, adapting and mixing stories broadcasted on air and on digital platforms. An alumna from the University of Ghana, she is a finalist of the Mohamed Amin Africa Media Awards: Best Newscast Category and a recipient of the Best TV Feature Story Award from the Ghana Journalists Awards in 2014.

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Fiona Macleod, South Africa
John Grobler

Category: Environment Award

Caught in the crossfire: how cattle and Chinese mining interests are killing off Namibia’s black rhinos
Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism, South Africa

Story Summary: A 10-month-long investigation uncovers the political and commercial agendas driving the world’s largest black rhino population towards extinction. Following the trial of four alleged rhino horn traffickers in Namibia, the team paid a visit to their home villages in China to examine their backgrounds. This investigation looked into rhino and elephant poaching in Namibia in 2015, uncovering Asian syndicates operating on the ground in Namibia with links heading back to China and Vietnam. This resulted in the arrest of a former Namibian policeman involved in smuggling, and in the Vietnamese government warning the tourism industry, for the first time, not to support illegal traders.

Fiona Macleod bio: Fiona Macleod is founding editor of Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism, Africa's first journalistic investigation unit focusing on environmental issues. Oxpeckers combines traditional investigative reporting with data analysis and geo-mapping tools to expose eco-offences in Southern Africa. Macleod is recipient of the 2014 SAB EnviroMedia Award, and the prestigious Nick Steele award for her contributions to environmental conservation through her pioneering reportage. Prior to founding Oxpeckers, she served as environmental editor at the Mail & Guardian newspaper for 10 years. She is also editor of the M&G Greening the Future and the M&G Investing in the Future CSI/R programmes.

John Grobler bio: John Grobler is a Windhoek, Namibia-based freelance journalist from where he has been plying his craft for the past 20 years as an investigative reporter with a specific interest in the intersect between organised crime and natural resource exploitation. Currently, he is working on internationally syndicated rhino poaching. He was born in Windhoek and educated at the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch, and has been writing for major news outlets such the New York Times, The Guardian and the major news services.

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Mia Sophia Malan, South Africa

Category: Features Award

Diepsloot: Where men think it's their right to rape
Mail & Guardian, South Africa

Story Summary: This story focuses on child rape in Diepsloot, a sprawling township in the north of Johannesburg, South Africa. Mia explains that the local population live in tiny shacks built in close proximity to each other and that security analysts regularly brand Diepsloot as one of the most dangerous places in the country, with criminals rarely tracked down.

Mia Sophia Malan bio: Mia Malan has been the Director of Bhekisisa (M&G Health Journalism Centre)/M&G Health Editor) since 2013. She is the winner in the Features category of the 2015 Sikuvile Print Journalism Awards and was selected Journalist of the Year. Her piece “If they get raped, then so what?” won her the Features category prize for the 2014 Discovery Health Journalist of the Year. Malan is the holder of an M. Phil (Journalism) from the University of Stellenbosch, graduating in 2003.

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Ancillar Siphatisiwe Mangena, Zimbabwe

Category: The Maggie Eales Young Journalist Award

Prophets of profit in the business of belief
Forbes Africa, South Africa

Story Summary: Exploring one of the fastest growing and one of the most controversial businesses in Africa, Ancillar Mangena has fought against hate mail and threats, to report on how churches are being used as a means of getting rich. On visiting a church gathering in Pretoria, South Africa, Ancillar reported that it became shockingly evident how people are willing to give anything for a promise that their prayers will be answered and how financially rewarding it is to be a prosperity preacher in the continent. Many pay millions for cash-for prayers-answered.

Ancillar Siphatisiwe Mangena bio: A current Journalism Master’s student at the University of Johannesburg, Ancillar Mangena has been a reporter for Forbes Africa Magazine and CNBC Africa since June 2015. Her duties include writing articles for Forbes Africa Woman Magazine and Forbes Life Africa Magazine. Previous positions include working as a reporter for Caxton newspapers from March 2014 - June 2015. Since February 2013, she also has been a senior tutor at her university.

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Ati Metwaly, Egypt

Category: Culture Award

Against all odds: Stories of the visually impaired women from Egypt's Al Nour Wal Amal Orchestra
Al Ahram Weekly, Egypt

Story Summary: This is the story of a remarkable Egyptian orchestra solely made up of visually impaired and blind women. It explores their successes, passion for music, but also their personal stories and the many challenges they experience in their creative journey and their day to day lives. The orchestra was established in 1954 by a group of volunteers under the leadership of the late Istiklal Radi and is the first of its kind in the Middle East. The Al Nour Wal Amal Association also aims to provide care, education, vocational training and social integration opportunities for blind girls and women.

Ati Metwaly bio: Ati Metwaly is the music critic at the Al Ahram Weekly as well as the Editor of the Arts and Culture section at the Ahram Online. She has wide-ranging experience in musical journalism, working in both Europe and the Middle East. Her responsibilities at Al Ahram Weekly are based on providing weekly articles about the music scene including music reviews as well as in depth features about this diverse subject in Egypt and the Middle East. Metwaly was also the co-founder, partner and Editorial Director of The Art Review.

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Diana Leigh Neille, South Africa
Sumeya Gasa, Richard Poplak and Shaun Swingler

Category: Ecobank Economics & Business Award

Casualties of Cola: Outsourcing, Exploitation & the New Realities of Work
Daily Maverick Chronicle , South Africa

Story Summary: This story explores how beverage behemoth SABMiller and its subsidiary, Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI), one of the African continent's leading bottlers of Coca-Cola products, are being sued for over R6 billion in damages by 150 owner-drivers whose contracts were all axed by the company over the last five years. The report explains that they stand accused of duping these employees into signing onerous contracts, squeezing their profits and unfairly terminating the relationship over a variety of unfounded allegations, in order to minimise its exposure to the risks associated with distribution and stringent labour regulations in South Africa.

Diana Leigh Neille bio: Diana Neille is the founding director of Chronicle - a newly formed editorial production company based in Cape Town that seeks to produce quality, long-form digital journalism. Formerly the Executive Multimedia Producer at eNCA.com, Diana took second place in the African Media Initiative’s continent-wide African Story Challenge for her investigation into the failings of South African agriculture. She also produced the Daily Maverick’s multimedia investigation into silicosis among South African mine workers by Rebecca Davis, which won the second round of the competition, as well as the 2013 Vodacom Online Journalism of the Year Award. Diana is a documentary filmmaker and media strategist with a Masters degree in broadcast journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Diana formed Chronicle, in partnership with the Daily Maverick, out of a desire to contribute to better storytelling & more inclusivity in and access to the South African – and global – mainstream media.

Sumeya Gasa, Richard Poplak and Shaun Swingler bio: Sumeya Gasa is a Film and Television graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand. She completed her BA in Performance and Visual Arts, Honours Inclusive, in 2014. Before joining the Chronicle team as a Multimedia Producer she interned at News24 Live, where she shot, produced and edited video content. Apart from her work commitments, she is an avid reader and writer, musician and poet. Sumeya has a passion for storytelling and a keen interest in social issues. -- Shaun Swingler is the Senior Multimedia Producer for Chronicle. He focuses on social issues in South Africa and abroad - particularly crime and conflict - and has recently returned from a reporting trip to Gaza where he followed the rebuilding efforts one year after the most recent war. His work has been featured in publications such as the Guardian, TIME, the Discovery Network, eNCA, Mail & Guardian, Daily Maverick, Rolling Stone SA, and many others. Shaun is the co-author of the bestselling biography, Love is War: the Modimolle Monster. He is a Thomson Reuters Foundation Fellow. -- Richard Poplak is a senior contributor at South Africa’s news site, Daily Maverick, and a frequent contributor to publications all over the world, he is a member of Deca Stories, the international long-form non-fiction collective. His first book was the highly acclaimed Ja, No, Man: Growing Up White in Apartheid-Era South Africa (Penguin, 2007) was longlisted for the Alan Paton Non-Fiction prize, shortlisted for the University of Johannesburg Literary Award and voted one of the Top-10 books of 2007 by Now Magazine. His follow-up was entitled The Sheikh’s Batmobile: In Pursuit of American Pop-Culture in the Muslim World (Soft Skull, 2010). Poplak has also written the experimental journalistic graphic novel Kenk: A Graphic Portrait (Pop Sandbox, 2010). His election coverage from South Africa’s 2014 election, written under the nom de plume Hannibal Elector, was collected as Until Julius Comes: Adventures in the Political Jungle (Tafelberg, 2014). Richard has won South Africa’s Media-24 Best Feature Writing Award and a National Magazine Award in Canada. Since 2010, Poplak has been travelling across Africa, seeking out the catalysts and characters behind the continent’s 21st century metamorphosis. The coming book, co-authored with Kevin Bloom, is called Continental Shift.

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James Oatway, South Africa

Category: Mohamed Amin Photographic Award

The Killing of Emmanuel Sithole
The Sunday Times, South Africa

Story Summary: James' photos are of Mozambican migrant Emmanuel Sithole being beaten and stabbed by South African men in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg. Sithole later tragically died from his wounds. The killing of Emmanuel Sithole took place amid a fresh outbreak of xenophobic violence that erupted in South Africa. The attack on Sithole sparked international outrage, with protests against xenophobia held in several African countries.

James Oatway bio: James Oatway is an independent South African photographer. He is the former Chief Photographer of the Sunday Times newspaper in South Africa and now works as a freelancer. He has been featured in a number of newspapers, both nationally and abroad, covering poignant events, often with strong political undertones. He has a particular interest in telling under reported stories in Africa. Oatway's work has been recognised with numerous awards, locally and internationally, such as 2015: Vodacom Journalist of the Year - Overall National Winner (South Africa) and 2014: Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards: Finalist-Feature Photographs; Finalist-Sports Photographs.

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Chika Sandra Oduah, Nigeria

Category: Dow Technology & Innovation Reporting Award

The App That Saved 1,000 Children
African Media Initiative, Kenya

Story Summary: A massive lead poison outbreak was killing hundreds of children in the rural community of Bagega in northern Nigeria from 2009 - 2010. In 2012, the federal government of Nigeria decided to use $5.4 million USD to clean up the lead contamination in Bagega. But months went by and the money never arrived and more children died. A 24-year-old Nigerian computer enthusiast named Hamzat Lawal decided to create a web-based app to hold the government accountable to its promise to use funds to clean up the lead contamination. Hamzat's innovative app, combined with his social media campaign, worked and at least 1,000 children were saved from death.

Chika Sandra Oduah bio: Chika Oduah has worked for a variety of organisations. Based out of Nigeria, she has worked for France24 as a reporter since January 2015 and has worked as a producer and reporter for Al Jazeera since August 2013. Educated in the US, she is an alumna of the Medill School of Journalism and Georgia State University. She is a 2015 Finalist of the Livingston Young Journalist Award and the 2015 African Story Challenge Winner and Grant Recipient.

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Bento Venâncio, Mozambique

Category: Notícias Gerais

Albinos em perigo
Jornal Domingo, Mozambique

Story Summary: This story explores a very real tragedy which is becoming rampant across Mozambique but also further afield. Bento Venâncio explores the menacing practise of the killing of albinos for their bones, blood and flesh. Killed to be used in macabre witchcraft ceremonies and in potions said to cure diseases, this market for albino body parts is reaching epidemic status. The reporter discovers that this sinister practise is not only limited to the murder of albinos but also the robbing of graves to steal the body parts of the deceased.

Bento Venâncio bio: Bento Venâncio is currently the editor of the Society section of the Sunday newspaper Domingo in Mozambique. He has had an illustrious career in print journalism, working with journalists from all around the world. As a member of the state alumni association, which brings together international visitors in the USA, he has represented Mozambique on numerous occasions at multimedia and similar forums. Over the past decade, he has received several awards including: MISA (Media Institute of Southern Africa) Prize for HIV/AIDS reporting in 2006 and 2008; International Journalism Prize in SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) and UNICEF Children's Rights Prize 2013. Bento was a winner in this competition in 2014 when he won the Portuguese Language General News Award - Print and was also finalist in 2015.

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Highly Commended

Folashade Grace Adebayo, Nigeria

Category: Dow Technology & Innovation Reporting Award

Frustrations as inventions gather dust in laboratories
THE PUNCH, www.punchng.com, Nigeria

Story Summary: Against all odds, students in secondary schools are making giant strides in innovations. However, most of these "inventions" are still kept on laboratory shelves as a result of lack of funds to conduct further research and apathy from government and the investing public. This story puts a face to young Nigerians who are not deterred by their environment and still forging on in scientific research.

Folashade Grace Adebayo bio: Nigerian journalist Folashade Adebayo is the Senior Correspondent of Punch Newspapers. She is based in Lagos, Nigeria and has held this position since May 2014. Her main editorial responsibilities centre around writing news stories on education and health. She previously held the position of Senior Writer for the Tell Magazine, researching and writing cover stories with a similar health and educational focus. She is the holder of a BSc in Journalism from Lagos State University, completing her studies in 2009 and is the 2014 Winner of the Nigerian Academy of Science Media Award.

Isaac Otidi Amuke, Kenya

Category: Features Award

Facing The Mediterranean (A Three Part Series)
Commonwealth Writers Blog, Kenya

Story Summary: In 2014, the Ugandan parliament debated and passed the Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) which not only criminalized same sex relationships, but increased persecution and stigmatisation of gay, lesbian and transgender Ugandans. As a result, members of the Ugandan LGBT community, feeling insecure and targeted, with specific cases of personal violent attacks, started fleeing to neighbouring Kenya, where they sought asylum, with the hope of being resettled elsewhere in less homophobic societies. This series explores the quandary the Ugandans are in, afraid of going back home and being forced to live under unbearable conditions, exploring their fears, hopes and aspirations.

Isaac Otidi Amuke bio: Isaac Otidi Amuke has been a Regional Correspondent for the Commonwealth Writers Blog since March 2015. Based in Nairobi, his stories are centred on the arts, culture and socio–political concerns. He is also a Contributing Writer for the Kwani Trust, working with them since August 2012. He has done a range of commissioned pieces of non-fiction, ranging from a personal memoir to coverage of the March 2013 Kenyan general elections as a Regional Correspondent for Western Kenya.

Conan Daniel Businge , Uganda
Gerald Tenywa

Category: Environment Award

Schools eating Uganda's forests
New Vision, Uganda

Story Summary: Uganda’s forest cover was estimated at 4.9 million hectares, covering 24% of the total land area. However, human activities have reduced this to just 18%, and educational institutions are highlighted as a major contributor. Some academic institutions consume as many as 12 truckloads of wood per term. Some schools, especially in the city, have started using better charcoal cooking stoves to reduce on firewood consumption.

Conan Daniel Businge bio: Reporter and Education Editor Conan Daniel Businge is the holder of a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Communication and the Runner Up in Explanatory Reporting; The African Centre for Media Excellence Media Awards, 2015. Ugandan journalist Businge plays an active role in researching, investigating and writing daily news items for the daily newspaper New Vision.

Gerald Tenywa bio: Gerald Tenywa is a senior reporter at New Vision. He has been reporting on the environment for two decades covering wildlife, poaching, ivory trafficking, forests, wetlands and pollution. In addition, he has highlighted governance of oil, land and water. Gerald has won 20 Media Awards including the Ozone Africa Media Award given by UNEP (2011), Environment Award at the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Award 2012 and the Nile Media Award given by Nile Basin Initiative in 2015.

Eromo Eyituokpe Egbejule, Nigeria

Category: The Maggie Eales Young Journalist Award

Streams Of Fortune: How Indigenous Firms Are Working to Make Music Streaming Mainstream in Nigeria
Ventures Africa, Nigeria

Story Summary: This story looks carefully at the streaming business in Nigeria. Music streaming in Nigeria has a few major players, but amidst a global market with competitors such as Tidal and Apple Music, for the firms to edge ahead, they must develop innovative solutions to appeal to a Nigerian market. This article poignantly asks the question: currently, Spinlet, Star Music and iRoking lead the pack but who will wear the crown?

Eromo Eyituokpe Egbejule bio: Eromo Egbejule is a freelance journalist and writer for Ventures Africa, where he has held the position since 2014. He is also a freelancer for The Guardian (UK), The Guardian (Nigeria), AfricaBe (South Africa) and Ogojiii (South Africa). Previously he has worked as News Editor for the Citizens Platform (Online) Newspaper, based out of Abuja, Nigeria. He is the holder of a diploma in Business Management from the Nesburg School of Business (Pretoria, South Africa) after having completed a BEng Agric. & Bioresources Engineering at the University of Nigeria.

Jean-Luc Pierre Emile, Mauritius

Category: Actualités générales

Le destin tragique d'Eleana Gentil
Teleplus, Mauritius

Story Summary: The plight of this 11 year old girl shocked the whole of Mauritius. Missing for just over a week, Eleana Gentil was eventually found dead. It is revealed that she suffered from a skull fracture, her body showed signs of sexual assault and what are probably animal bites. This report also explores her living conditions as well as gathering testimonies from those who knew her. Eleana’s case unveiled a too often heard but not often acted upon tale of young girls who are suffering in extreme poverty where drugs and the threat of rape are proliferating.

Jean-Luc Pierre Emile bio: Jean-Luc Emile is currently the Chief Editor and news presenter for RadioPlus and Teleplus (webtv) at the Defimedia Group. Previously working as the Editor in Chief/Presenter of Radio One. He has worked on the development of radio shows and with the editorial and management teams for their news bulletins. He also presented the live weekly news magazine covering a spectrum of topics, from politics, economics, social and cultural Issues. Local and regional correspondent for several channels, Jean-Luc Emile has 18 years in the media sector in Mauritius, he has worked in broadcast, print and online media. His key assignments have covered major national and international news events and Jean-Luc is also a trainer in journalism and represents Mauritian journalists on the Media Trust Board.

Teresa Mbado Fuquiadi, Angola

Category: Notícias Gerais

Exemplo de amor e superação
Jornal Nova Gazeta, Angola

Story Summary: This story explores the lives of a couple who are both blind but share the same love, passion and happiness as any other couple. After nine years of marriage and with two fully-sighted children, they prove that love can overcome barriers. The story explores the couple and their family’s dynamics and shows that even with difficulties in life, both have managed to find jobs and be successful; the husband is a special needs teacher and his wife is a journalist for the National Radio of Angola.

Teresa Mbado Fuquiadi bio: Teresa Fukiady is currently a journalist at the weekly newspaper Nova Gazeta, Angola. She started her career as a journalist in 2013 and recently finished a degree in Management and Marketing in ‘Oscar Ribas’ University, in Luanda.

Cheboite Kigen, Kenya

Category: Mohamed Amin Photographic Award

Another kind of shower

Story Summary: The woman in the photograph lives in a remote village where the availability of a washing basin is difficult. The picture shows a Pokot woman bathing her baby using a jet of water from her mouth and was taken on 9th December 2015 at Toplen Dam in Tiaty sub- county of Baringo in Kenya.

Cheboite Kigen bio: For the last two years Cheboite Kigen has been a photojournalist for Nation Media Group Limited and is currently based in Baringo County in Kenya. Having been nominated in China Railway Bridge Cooperation (CRBC) photography competition in November 2015, Cheboite became first runners-up marking the first award in his career. Being young, ambitious and focused on his photography development, he scooped the 2016 title of Photographer of the Year at the Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA) in Kenya.

Adedayo Eriye Oketola, Nigeria

Category: GE Energy & Infrastructure Award

Gridlock: 10m Lagosians battle traffic robbers amid endless wait for N555bn mass transit systems
Saturday PUNCH, Nigeria

Story Summary: Commuting is a nightmare in Lagos, where half of the 21 million residents are daily subjected to torment in congested traffic conditions, spending as much as six hours per day travelling to and from work. This situation not only impacts people’s health and lives but also robs the country of productive man-hours. The story reports on traffic thieves who are attacking and robbing commuters while they sit in gridlocks.

Adedayo Eriye Oketola bio: Adedayo Oketola is currently the sub-assistant editor at the Sunday PUNCH for News & Politics in Nigeria. He also previously held the position of Senior Correspondent (Energy), reporting on oil & gas, power, mining and solid mineral industries. The holder of an MA in English from the University of Ibadan, Oketola has attended a wide range of conferences both in Africa as well as in Europe, such as the Philips Innovation Experience 2014, Eindhoven, The Netherlands in September 2014 and the Philips Media Tour 2014, Nairobi, Kenya, October 2014.

Dominic Omondi, Kenya

Category: Ecobank Economics & Business Award

How thriving ‘reject economy’ is allowing the poor to live high life of the rich
The Standard, Kenya

Story Summary: Dominic’s story looks at the “reject economy” in Kenya. As society has become more materialistic, people from low-income areas in Nairobi also have a desire for the consumer goods that they are exposed to in advertisements in the media. To satisfy their appetite they are buying clothes, electronics, chicken, cakes or human hair that have been rejected higher up the retail chain.

Dominic Omondi bio: Dominic Omondi is a business reporter for The Standard in Kenya, writing news and feature articles on economic, financial and business issues. He has previously worked at Kenya Times. Dominic studied at United States International University Africa where his major was in International Relations.

Veronica Ozioiza Onuchi, Nigeria

Category: Health & Medical Award

Unearthing the myth behind Female Genital Mutilation
TVC News Africa , Nigeria

Story Summary: Female Genital Mutilation is a practice deeply rooted in culture carried out in many parts of Africa. This report analyses the beliefs behind this practice and the medical implication associated with it. True life stories of victims and traditionalists who carry out this act are featured in this report. The story focuses on the victims and the traditionalists who strongly believe the age long practice cannot be wiped out. Ibadan, the Oyo State capital in south west Nigeria is a place where FGM is fully embraced.

Veronica Ozioiza Onuchi bio: Nigerian journalist Veronica Onuchi has been a news anchor, presenter and reporter for TVC News Africa since 2012, conducting special interviews and presenting the weekly Africa This Week. She was previously a presenter and channel manager at HiTV LAGOS from 2008 – 2011, where she, among other duties, supervised and appraised programmes for the designated channel. An alumna from the Nigeria Institute of Journalism, she was a nominee for Anchor of the year at Nigerian Media Merit Awards 2015.

Lawrence Seretse, Botswana

Category: News Impact Award

Wilderness Safaris secretly stashing millions in tax havens
The Botswana Gazette, Botswana

Story Summary: Issues of political morality are raised when President Ian Khama, his lawyer Parks Tafa and Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) Director General Isaac Kgosi are involved with a company which allegedly keeps P29 million in controversial tax havens. The multinational Wilderness Safaris Group is one the richest tourism businesses in Southern Africa and of companies listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE). This story delves into the financial affairs of the company in the shady tax haven of Bermuda, showing dealings amounting to P29 million with a mailbox sister company that has no office, employees or any legitimate business activities.

Lawrence Seretse bio: Botswanan journalist Lawrence Seretse currently heads the political and investigative weekly - The Botswana Gazette (1984). He is also an associate of the SA based Oxpeckers Environmental Investigations Unit and Forum for African Investigative Reporters. Seretse has worked on various investigative exposes, including exposing a minister's involvement in the multi-million pula lion cross border trade industry, corruption in the intelligence community, fraudulent activities in the largest supermarket retail sector and corrupt diamond and oils deals. He is also the first Botswana reporter to un-riddle the complex tax dodging transfer mis-pricing activities in the tourism and mining sectors through the use of tax havens by ruling elites which he has received a 2016 CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Award nomination for. He was part of the Panama Papers (ICIJ global) exposes. His stories on Nestle malpractices in Botswana and bogus degree institutions have led to authorities taking action while the lion trade stories were republished and re-filmed abroad leading to change of policy by wildlife tourism minister. Previously, he has also been nominated for Best Investigative Reporter of the Year, Best Features Writer of the Year and Best Business Writer of the Year by MISA. In 2015, Seretse and his colleagues were arrested for publishing a story exposing corrupt oils deals. A serious infringement on press freedoms. A journalism school graduate with a certificate on illicit finance & tax reporting from US based Thomson Reuters and a certificate on Media Management from Rhodes University, SA. He has also been involved the publication of a research paper by Open Society and ANCIR (Khadija Sharife) titled Botswana Diamond Deception. He has worked with Mmegi, The Business Weekly, Mail & Guardian newspapers and also publishes with various international media such as LionAid.Org, AIPC, ANCIR, Oxpeckers Environmental Investigations Unit. A member of the Free Press and the Global Investigative Journalism Network and works with the newly established INK Centre for Investigative Journalism.

Garreth David van Niekerk, South Africa

Category: Culture Award

The road to Semonkong
City Press, South Africa

Story Summary: A trip which had originally been to meet the extravagant monarch of Lesotho, ended up producing “a woolly obsession” to understand everything about the Basotho blanket and all the culture and history warmly wrapped up in it. Travelling from the “highest lowest point” of all the countries on the planet to the highest point in South Africa/Lesotho, Garreth van Niekerk found an immense story of war and passion, heritage and modernity that is woven into the fibres of every authentic Basotho blanket. He unearthed a luxury that everyone can own in a kingdom where more than half of the population live below the poverty line.

Garreth David van Niekerk bio: South African journalist Garreth van Niekerk joined City Press in 2014 as a culture reporter and previously worked at the Mail & Guardian and various arts and culture organisations as writer, designer, curator, researcher and creative facilitator. His weekly features cover heritage and the arts, combining his practical experience with his earlier studies in architecture and advertising as well as his ongoing studies in classical culture. He is the 2016 Legends Awards Lifestyle Journalist of the Year, a gold award winner in the National Arts Festival/ Business and Arts South Africa Arts Journalism Awards 2015, an ambassador of the One Young World global forum for young leaders and a fellow of the Ampersand Arts Foundation in New York.

Cleofas Antonio Viagem, Mozambique

Category: Notícias Gerais

Drama dos transportes em Maputo
STV, Mozambique

Story Summary: This story explores a serious problem gripping Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique but also the most populous. Every day men and women are plagued with the difficulties of trying to reach and come home from work, spending hours in queues, waiting for buses which are already overcrowded. This report provides a clear snapshot of the ways in which citizens of Maputo try and navigate these unsteady waters as well as analytical testimonies from specialists and resolution plans to solve the problem by the municipal authorities.

Cleofas Antonio Viagem bio: Mozambican journalist Cleofas Viagem currently works as a journalist, presenter and editor at STV in Mozambique. Working outside of Africa, he also has previous experience as a journalist at the Jornal Sol in Lisbon, Portugal where he had formerly been an intern. His experience additionally covers radio where he was a reporter for the Radio HFM. Viagem graduated from the Journalism course at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in 2015. He attended and participated in The African Investigative Journalism Conference at the University of Witwatersrand in 2015.

Coulibaly Zoumana, Cote d'Ivoire

Category: Actualités générales

Beurre de karité: une mine d'or mal exploitée
Le Patriote, Cote d'Ivoire

Story Summary: This story explores the potential of Shea butter, which is used across the board, in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. It offers great prospects, but the lack of organisation in its management has meant that countries that produce and harvest it, such as the Ivory Coast, are losing revenue. Interviews with prominent figures who work in the industry, allows a better and clearer picture to develop, showing how the internal and external market’s interest in the butter is growing but also speaks of the challenges in maintaining the standard often desired by European buyers.

Coulibaly Zoumana bio: Coulibaly Zoumana has worked as a reporter for the weekly newspaper Le Patriote since 2011, travelling widely in the capacity of his work. He has participated in numerous projects, exploring the situation of refugees in Mali and the rise of HIV/AIDS. The winner of Ivorian journalism prizes, such as the special ‘Diégou Bailly’ prize, he is also the author of two books, Entre deux feux (Les Editions Balafons, 2013) and Grandes questions d’Afrique Tome 1 (Nouvelles Editions Balafons, 2014).

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